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     Lara is "dedicated to supporting others who may share a similar pathway in terms of receiving an ASD diagnosis."

--Sarah Kern, LCSW, while Clinical Assistant Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Hassenfeld Children's Hospital of New York at New York University Langone (Lara's diagnosing professional)


Information for psychologists, school counselors, and other professionals who may refer clients to me:

Do you know people who might be on the autism spectrum who don’t want a formal diagnosis but want to learn more about themselves or improve their social skills? 


Refer them to me—Lara Schaeffer, an autism consultant and a PEERS (U.C.L.A.) certified provider. I have 30 years of teaching and mentoring experience, and I am autistic myself (late-diagnosed at NYU Langone Health at 47 years old).


I can offer your patients/students:

  • Self-assessment: I can help them understand their autistic traits and strengths without a costly and time-consuming evaluation.


  • Self-care: I can also give them tips and strategies on how to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, masking, and sensory issues. Working with an autistic professional allows far greater

      relatability and, usually, comfort for those on the spectrum. It also provides the beginnings of a community to belong to,            something which is extremely rare yet desired for most autistic individuals, especially those late-diagnosed.


  • Social skills: I apply the general principles and many of the lessons in the PEERS program, a research-based curriculum that covers topics like making friends, handling conflict, and, when age-appropriate, dating. I individualize the program to fit each young person for the greatest effect and progress. I have been trained and certified in both the adolescent and young adult modules of the program (which includes Telehealth).

My consultation services are not therapy but a complementary option that can support your practice and your patients’ experiences. 


By referring your patients to me, you allow them to access this unique and powerful resource.


To learn more or request a video meeting, please email me at


I look forward to hearing from you.

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