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A 40-year-old late/self-identified male, Barcelona
Lara's help in navigating my self-discovery as an adult autistic person was crucial for me to be able to quiet my impostor syndrome and get validation for what I already knew deep inside. Even though I haven't sought official diagnosis and have doubts about the current methodology that involves non-autistic people diagnosing autistic people, I was wondering how I would measure up against the 'real deal'--the actual assessment method used to perform the diagnosis. Getting the results has helped me gain more confidence and doubt myself less."
A mental health professional specializing in anxiety and low self-esteem in teenagers, United Kingdom
Lara’s passion and commitment to helping others is evident as soon as you start talking to her. She is extremely well qualified to support anyone with autism, but especially those with a late diagnosis.”
Parent of a 16-year-old autistic female, United States
My daughter has been working with Lara for almost a year. She has issues with communicating appropriately and effectively with others. Lara has helped her tremendously! Every week, Lara brings a new game or activity that helps my daughter learn how to have a conversation in various contexts. Lara has also helped us understand how the ASD brain works, which has helped our family communicate better with our daughter. I can’t recommend Lara enough!”
A 41-year-old late/self identified autistic female, United States
Working with Lara was transformational. I suspected my autism but it didn’t resonate with some of what I read about the autistic experience. Lara’s process uncovered blind spots I didn’t know I was hiding from myself. Hearing her experiences and feeling her empathy for my discoveries eased my shock and positioned me toward self-acceptance instead of denial and shame. Even just seeing an autistic woman navigating her world with courage and success inspires me! I’m so glad she came into my LinkedIn feed at exactly the right time.”
An ADHD Coach for parent and teens
Lara is an absolute gem! Upon meeting her, it was easy to tell that she's not only extremely knowledgeable about a late-Autism diagnosis from her personal/professional experience but she also has the skills the support others through that journey. She's extremely empathetic, non-judgmental, and an expert in helping others with Autism navigate an extremely transformational time in their lives. Lara's past counseling, school-based, and neurodiversity education, along with being late-diagnosed Autistic herself, make her the perfect person to support others on similar journeys.”
A 40-year-old late/self-identified autistic male, Colombia
The awareness of a potentially undiagnosed autism at an adult age is something that became part of my landscape around April 2023 (during the United Nations' World Autism Awareness Day). With so many questions and concerns in mind, I am very grateful and fortunate to have met Lara and for her tailored advice that touched on the need to normalize and embrace this autistic lived experience. I am equally grateful that she is boldly and smartly creating digital spaces to engage as a neurodivergent community.”
Founder of AutiQuest and Centa Co, United Kingdom
I have known Lara for a while now and have been very impressed with her dedication to her work and her professionalism. Lara is clearly an ambitious person with a very broad skill-set.The report that Lara produced on the autism inclusiveness of one of our products was extremely thorough with outstanding attention to detail. Her proposed solutions were most welcome...Lara clearly excels at critical thinking and problem solving.
Her late diagnosis of autism means that she's able to really empathise with autistic individuals who have also had a late diagnosis. Her autism mentoring and self-assessment services are providing vital functions too. Being a teacher, she's also particularly well placed to provide support for autistic students.”
Aunt of an 18-year-old autistic male, United States

What you offer hits home for me because I have watched my nephew grow up with these challenges. It has been beyond difficult for him to get exactly the assistance you provide"
A neurodiversity colleague, United States
Lara is an exceptionally intelligent and caring person who has a real passion for helping others. She uses her own powerful experiences to raise autism awareness and is a highly empathetic and valuable resource for information. Lara is attentive, respectful, and genuine, an exceptionally intelligent and caring person who has a real passion for helping others. She uses her own powerful experiences to raise autism awareness and is a highly empathetic and valuable resource for information.”
A 61-year-old late-diagnosed autistic male, Canada
Lara has researched and continues to research autism. I was immediately impressed with the breadth and depth of her knowledge on the subject. She not only understands the newer, neurodivergent perspective but is well-versed in the archaic medical model. This knowledge from both points of view gives her a much-needed rounded understanding of the autistic experience, both historical and current. 
If you or your child discover you are autistic, Lara is the understanding, compassionate person who will support you through all aspects of your autistic life journey.
Thank you, Lara, for all you do for autistics! Keep up the exceptional work.”
An Autistic CBT Therapist
I love and admire what you do, and I see it's coming from a deep place we know so well... Any neurodivergent person would be in the safest hands with your brilliant  knowledge, guidance, empathy, skills, and passion. I am honoured to have had the opportunity to meet you. You have helped me without even knowing, by pouring your heart out in the articles you write, the words you choose to use, and the messages you're sending."
A neurodiversity colleague, Canada
We had the privilege of working closely with Lara on DIFEST GLOBAL where she addressed the subject of 'Nurturing Neurodiverse Talent to Create a Better Future for our Generations'Lara moved the needle by sharing her insights on the normalcy of being neurodivergent. She had a great perspective on how companies and educational institutions must alter their perceptions of the whole neurodiversity movement. Lara shed light on how our thinking and behavior patterns are affected by the differences in our brain functions.

Lara is action-oriented and truly committed towards her mission of bringing change. She has a natural ability to relate with people of all diverse groups, which makes her a sought-after leader in the DEIB space. We highly regard Lara's contribution and look forward to a continued working relationship in the future.”
Lara's diagnosing professional at New York University's Langone Health System/Hassenfeld Children's Hospital 
Lara is a strong self-advocate and is dedicated to supporting others who may share a similar pathway in terms of receiving an ASD diagnosis."
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