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Sessions can either be held remotely or in-person within the tri-state area and Eastern Pennsylvania…you choose your location. A negotiable travel stipend for in-person sessions allows me to keep session costs low and my services more accessible for all.


How We Will Work Together


1. Adult Guided Self-Assessment Options

✔️ During a guided self-assessment we work together using standard autism assessment tools which I have tailored for an adult population. 


✔️ A single session provides you with expert knowledge about autism and myself as an experienced, trained guide.


✔️ I can efficiently bring you closer to a confident position about your relationship with autism even in just one session. 


✔️ A subsequent session or two would allow us to look at masking as it has applied to your life, as well as discuss how you may want to address masking in the future. 


✔️ Multiple sessions also provide built-in contemplation time in between appointments.


✔️ We will have more time for me to be able to answer your questions, address your concerns, and help adjust to a possible self-diagnosis if you choose multiple sessions.

✔️ One session (1.5 hours each)
      USD $150.00

✔️ Two sessions (1.5 hours each)
      USD $300.00

✔️ Three sessions (1.5 hours each)
      USD $400.00

2. Mentoring and Counseling (Ages 12 through all ages of adult)

✔️ If you already identify as autistic, we can work together to help you either to adapt to a new diagnosis, or to make improvements to your life no matter how long you have been aware of your autism.

✔️ If desired, family members and loved ones can be part of any session you wish. 

✔️ I can help you with any aspect of your life that you would like to improve including career issues, executive functioning challenges, relationship or social issues, reducing stress, or increasing overall self-actualization and daily happiness


✔️ I also hold sessions exclusively with family members and loved ones when appropriate to help them understand your experience and thus improve relationships.

✔️ Sessions are one hour each at USD $150.00

3. PEERS Program  (Ages 12 through 35)

✔️ The PEERS program is an evidence-based mentoring program to help improve social skills for people aged 12-35. 

✔️ It was developed at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and its esteemed Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior. 

✔️ You can read more about this well-renowned program here: 

✔️I individualize the program to fit each young person so that the most progress can be gained.  I am a certified provider of the Adolescent model and the Young Adult model (which both include Telehealth options).

✔️ 8-week session (must meet weekly within no more than 10 weeks) USD $1100.00

✔️ 12-week session (must meet weekly within no more than 15 weeks) USD $1400.00 

✔️ 14-week session (must meet weekly within no more than 18 weeks) USD $1600.00

✔️ Or individual sessions for as long as you choose with more freedom for booking USD $150.00 each

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